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Charlie Mays, Mays Wealth Management

Charlie Mays

Managing Partner

“Spending most of my career in the trading aspect of the investment business and analyzing hundreds of investment management models has given me a different perspective than most when it comes to our investment process, analyzing the markets and the way we deliver customized services to our high-net-worth clients.”

– Charlie Mays

Charlie comes from an area of the financial services industry that is unique where he gained valuable experience that allows him to better serve his current clients.

Charlie currently serves as the managing partner for Mays Wealth Management Group, a Dallas-based multifamily office. The firm offers tailored investment management, comprehensive financial planning and professional tax services for high-net-worth clients. In 2020, Mays Wealth Management Group partnered with Mariner Platform Solutions, a financial and technology firm to provide clients with the highest level of investment services, technology, and compliance in the industry.

Charlie is an industry veteran who started his career in 1992 as a NASDAQ market maker on the trading desk for a top tier money management firm. He was responsible for managing the firm’s proprietary capital, trading for the institutional clientele, and supporting a network of 1,200 brokers. In 2008, he joined Rhoads Lucca Capital Management to manage the firm’s long-short fund and to advise the firm’s high-net-worth clientele. When the firm was acquired in 2013, he became the senior portfolio manager of the acquiring firm’s $750 million portfolio and ran the M&A division.


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